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First Shipments of Mudita Pure Dispatched to Backers!

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Warsaw, December 1, 2021 - Mudita is excited to announce that it has begun shipping Mudita Pure to its Backers. The company shipped an initial batch of the flagship Mudita Pure phone on Tuesday, November 30th, which means a lucky group of early Backers will have the award-winning minimalist, feature phone in their hands in a few short days.   

Mudita Pure, the modern, minimalist phone has been making headlines for some time now. However, the journey towards this moment was not without challenges. After a few delays, the company was able to successfully overcome many hurdles in order to deliver a quality device to the Mudita Community. 

Mudita Pure is a premium quality cell phone, with an understated, minimalist design, which seeks to improve the quality of life in the modern world. Featuring an ultra-low head SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate) and an eye-friendly E Ink display, Mudita Pure runs on MuditaOS, a custom-developed, Open Source operating system which was designed and created in-house exclusively by the company.

The phone was designed with digital wellness in mind. Mudita Pure focuses on promoting digital minimalism, with as few notifications as possible. It’s an ideal solution for people who use technology, but are concerned not only about privacy, but the impact of too many digital devices on their health and overall well-being.  The device is intended to encourage users to be more mindful about their relationship with technology. 

Mudita has come a long way! What started out as an idea, is now becoming  reality.  Keeping true to the company’s philosophy of transparency, openness and focus on the community, Mudita made sure to keep their loyal Backers and enthusiastic supporters updated with detailed monthly updates, diligently communicating the development process with comprehensive explanations, pictures and videos.  

The company is honored by the enthusiasm for Mudita Pure, however this also means that there are many devices to build. Mudita now has orders to fill across 44 countries. To accomplish the task, the Warsaw-based company is starting slowly. After the beginning of production, in Europe, on November 15th, manufacturing capacity is still in the initial phase. From week to week, the company plans on increasing the rate of production. Every week Mudita will continue to ship Mudita Pure in batches to its many Kickstarter and Indiegogo Backers, as well as to the customers who pre-ordered the product after the end of the successful crowdfunding campaign. 

Mudita Pure is available for community pre-order on the product page of the Mudita website. Orders placed now will ship in February, after the fulfilment of all crowdfunding and pre-production orders. Since Mudita Pure is already in production, the company is referring to all current orders as community pre-orders. 


Mudita is a relatively young, Polish technology-oriented start-up, founded by Michał Kiciński, the co-creator of CD Projekt. Mudita's mission is to design consumer electronics to help create balance and improve the quality of people's lives. Mudita is an international team of research and development specialists, engineers, programmers and marketing experts, based in Warsaw, Poland, with the mission to create high-quality products which put physical and mental well-being first. The company's name comes from the Buddhist term for the joy which comes from sharing in the happiness of others. More information may be found under the link:

Mudita Pure: 

Mudita Pure is a premium quality cell phone, with an understated, minimalist design, which seeks to improve the quality of life in the modern world.  The very low (SAR) value and the E Ink display are ideal for individuals who use technology while being mindful about their health and well-being. Additionally, by lacking a web browser, applications, games and access to social media sites, Mudita Pure, is designed to reduce distractions, giving you the opportunity to enjoy life, offline. Developed by Polish engineers, the device is intended for people who want to stay in touch, while maintaining a healthy relationship with technology. The Mudita Pure phone has been awarded the 2020 Iron A'Design Award in the Digital and Electronic Device Design category by the International Academy of Design as well as the prestigious 2021 German Design Award in the category of "Excellent Product Design - Computer and Communication", presented by the German Design Council.

Contact us at: ​​PR@MUDITA.COM

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