How can we protect ourselves from too much exposure to RF?

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Many of our digital devices - including cell phones - emit electromagnetic radiation that can be harmful to our health. In this article, we will discuss the impact of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms and propose several solutions that allow you to reduce radiation exposure.

We have written many times about EMF (electromagnetic fields) and their influence on living organisms. Many publications describe the problem of ubiquitous radiation. Scientists have divided into two camps that claim that either:

  • EMFs are harmful OR

  • the electromagnetic fields are completely harmless, and these hippies are just trying to scare you.

Like most health problems, the truth is a bit more complicated. The introduction of new technological solutions is associated with the emergence of more and more questions regarding human safety and health. According to the World Bank, 87 percent of the world's population today has access to electricity and uses electrical appliances, which is a lot of electricity and electromagnetic fields produced all over the world every day. We encourage you to read on to find out how the electromagnetic field affects the human body and how we can consciously minimize our exposure.

What are electromagnetic fields?

Every human body is designed to handle a large number of electromagnetic fields. Even if we try to keep the use of devices to a minimum, the planet on which you are standing also exposes you to electromagnetic fields. It's important to understand that humans also emit electromagnetic energy.

The concept of EMF refers to an invisible cloud of electricity surrounding electrically charged particles. When charged particles move around, they create magnetic fields. Every living and inanimate thing that we all come across has its own electromagnetic field.

According to information published by the World Health Organization, there are small electric currents in the human body that arise as a result of chemical reactions taking place as part of normal body functions, even in the absence of induction of external electric fields. For example, nerves transmit signals through excited electrical impulses. Even the heart is electrically active - activity that a doctor can track with an electrocardiogram[1].

Thus, low-frequency external electric fields affect the human body in the same way as any other charged particle material. EMFs acting on conductive materials influence the distribution of electric charges on their surfaces. They cause the current to flow through the body to the ground.

So are electromagnetic fields safe?

In answering this question, it can be said that electromagnetic fields are only safe up to a point, which is best illustrated by the sun. The sun's rays are also EMFs. It is not difficult to guess that in the right doses it has a health effect (production of vitamin D3), and in excess it can lead to burns and skin cancer. In addition to the fields of natural origin that surround us, people are still creating new sources of radiation. The number of devices emitting radiation has increased significantly in recent years. Once mobile phones hit the consumer pockets, people discovered the benefits of so-called "wireless living".

This change took place in a relatively short time. With full awareness, we can say that we are surrounded by much more electromagnetic fields in the atmosphere than 10 years ago. This means that we have to deal with the surge of radiation.

Scientists are increasingly publishing research that clearly states that living organisms did not have time to adapt, and there is evidence that this "flood" of electromagnetic fields at different frequencies can damage living cells[2][3]. Due to the progressive development of technology, there is no chance to get rid of all unnatural sources of electromagnetic radiation. What can be done in the current situation is a couple of proactive ways to avoid overexposure, rather than waiting to see what the long-term consequences of radiation exposure are.

At first, it is important to understand what is the most common source of unnatural radiation. In an increasingly wireless world, electromagnetic fields are everywhere. The large influx of electromagnetic fields comes primarily from new technologies.

The sources of electromagnetic fields include:

  • Mobile phones,

  • Wi-Fi routers,

  • All kinds of wireless devices, including: baby monitors, security cameras, laptops,

  • Microwave ovens,

  • Household light bulbs,

  • Power lines,

  • Power tools,

  • Heaters,

  • Freezers,

  • TV sets,

  • Electric cars.

The above list is not exhaustive of all radiation sources. It only realizes how our surroundings are overloaded with electromagnetic fields. Which, in turn, leads to a clear assumption that the overlapping of electromagnetic fields has an impact on living organisms.

There are many publications, and more each year make it clear that EMF directly affects the DNA of organisms.[4][5] The main effects of this influence are mutations and the formation of cancer. Electromagnetic fields also have a huge impact on the growing problems of the brain. The effect of electromagnetic fields on the nervous system is of utmost importance. The main cause of these problems are cell phones, which are more and more often and longer around people's heads. Scientists observed measurable changes in brain cells after exposure to an electromagnetic field. To make matters worse, scientists are getting consistent results in rat studies that show that electromagnetic fields damage the brain's protective layer, the blood-brain barrier. [6]

It should also be mentioned how incredibly large the effect radiation has on children.[7] Children are particularly exposed to electromagnetic fields. Their young brain tissue is more conductive than fully mature brain tissue.

Summing up, electromagnetic fields disrupt processes throughout the body. Relatively much attention is paid to the effects on the brain and nervous system, but these fields can affect the entire body in many ways. The health consequences of long exposure to radiation are best recognized and described by scientists:

  • Disrupted sleep cycle,

  • Disruption of the immune system,[8]

  • Presence of behavioral problems (especially in young children),

  • Damage to cells,[9]

  • Effect on changes in blood pressure and heart rate,[10]

  • A significant reduction in the quality and mobility of the semen.[11][12]

Being aware of the dangers of radiation exposure, we often ask ourselves whether there is a way to reduce radiation.

How can we protect ourselves? Below are the 6 simplest solutions that will allow anyone to limit their exposure to radiation:

  • Consider changing your phone to one with low SAR, such as Mudita Pure. Alternatively, you can use it as a secondary phone for making longer calls and to reduce your radiation exposure while on vacation.

  • Try to reduce the amount and length of your phone calls. Frequent long calls put you at a higher risk of exposure to mobile radiation.

  • Set your mobile phone to airplane mode when it is time to go to sleep. Blue light, notifications, mobile phone radiation, and other electromagnetic field exposures at night can interrupt sleep cycles.

  • Consider using a headset instead of holding your phone to your ear while making voice calls. Holding a phone to your ear increases radiation exposure and is against the terms of service information that comes with a phone.

  • Avoid using your mobile phone in basements, underground stations, elevators, etc. Check the conditions of optimum signal reception, usually outdoors or near a window while inside.

  • Put your phone away if you don’t need it close to you all the time. This is useful not only due to radiation but also to avoid general distractions. Also, do not carry your mobile phone close to your body, e.g. in a pocket.

Our mission is also to educate you, to let you know that there are ways we can protect ourselves from overdoses of EMF radiation. So, if you have any other questions or comments, feel free to visit our community page. We will be more happy to be able to dispel your doubts!

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