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June 2021 Mudita Pure Production/Development update

We’re back with another update. As things are progressing quite quickly, we’ll do our best to update you on all of our progress. 


Throughout the last month, preparations for the production of Mudita Pure have been moving forward. Currently, this involves production testers and other supporting applications, such as the device used to print the labels which are commonly located inside the battery compartment of mobile phones with removable batteries. The label contains device serial number (text + barcode), model designation and IMEI number. 

Final Mudita Pure device label

In the last several weeks, the following work connected with Mudita Pure testers was also completed:

  • We improved the algorithm which analyzes the data from the vibration test (End-Of-Line tester and Main Board tester) -previously, we sometimes had 'false positives', however, this has now been eliminated.

  • We completed further development of PureHardwareTester. This application is used primarily for our internal Mudita Pure tests. It is also used during some certification tests.

  • We extended the possibility of controlling the audio section (setting different amplification in the codec), with the addition of EEPROM support (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) 

  • We also added the ability to read battery parameters in the EOL tester (voltage, temperature) - now we are able to detect if the battery in the assembled device is or is not significantly drained

  • The application for uploading the bootloader and MuditaOS is in the production stage. It’s used primarily for adjusting changes related to the new EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) and displaying the 'welcome' screen on the E ink display after programming

Body molding form

As we mentioned in the previous update, we are moving forward according to the production timeline and meeting all the new deadlines in order to deliver Mudita Pure on the previously communicated timeline. We have completed all the material orders. The welding of the new form has also been completed. The milling process is currently in progress. In the coming weeks, we plan on starting the body molding customization. 

The Mudita Pure molding form cartridge

Electrodes for electro-drilling

Certification Testing

We are currently conducting tests in three laboratories:

The first lab is testing for compliance with EN 301 489-1/-17/-52 and FCC / Industry Canada (IC) regulations.  We have encountered problems along the way regarding the test setup, however, once these issues are resolved, the results we have received so far are in accordance with the requirements. 

We have already delivered the necessary samples required for all electronic tests to the testing laboratories.  With regard to IEC 62368-1 certification, we have performed preliminary tests related to the headphone volume level and we are in the process of setting the final settings for the amplifier parameters in the audio codec. We do not have final test results at this time. As of June, the completion level of these tests is at 80%. 

The two other laboratories are testing for compliance with IEC 62368-1 standard. One laboratory is testing the electrical safety of the device and the other is testing the safe volume level of the music player. We should have the results of the electrical safety tests shortly. So far the lab has not reported any problems. However, we need to repeat the volume tests of the music player on a new version of MuditaOS which has been updated to meet these requirements.

Main Boards

As we mentioned in the previous update, we made some upgrades to the MBs (Main Boards). As of June, all 100 units of the 100 ordered have been delivered. We are continuing to replace the existing motherboards with the new ones. At the moment we have about 20 prototypes with the new PCB_MB_7v1.

The next iteration of PCB_MB (7v2) has already been designed. It contains some cosmetic improvements relative to PCB_MB_7v1. The production documentation has been sent to our manufacturing partner. Currently, we are ordering enough PCB_MB_7v2 MBs (mainboards) for the upcoming NPI (new product introduction) with some spare supplies (300 boards, of which about 200 will be assembled first). 

A few months ago, we purchased equipment so that we can conduct the prototype main board (MB) assembly on-site. This equipment includes a solder paste printer, an over for PCB soldering, as well as a SMD handheld manipulator.

One of the most important parts of the surface mount assembly process is the application of solder paste to the circuit board (PCB). The aim of this process is to accurately deposit the correct amount onto each of the pads to be soldered. This is a very important part of the assembly process, because if it’s not controlled correctly, it usually accounts for the majority of assembly defects.

This month, we completed the assembly of 20 pieces of the JLINK_ADAPTER_v2.0 boards. These boards enable the connection of the J-LINK programmer to Mudita Pure.

Assembly of JLINK_ADAPTER_v2.0 boards

Assembly of JLINK_ADAPTER_v2.0 boards VIDEO:

Assembly of JLINK_ADAPTER_v2.0 boards

MuditaOS & Mudita Center 

We have introduced the onboarding application which will help the user accept the User License Agreement, select a proper SIM card, etc. while turning Mudita Pure for the first time. We were working on automatic screen locking in various contexts and have disabled automatic locking of the phone in specific scenarios i.e. when MuditaOS is being updated on the phone and introduced other minor fixes.

We have added some enhancements when it comes to the front light performance - automatic adjustment and enabling the light on the keypress.

Pure is now handling Pause/Resume/Stop headset controls inside the music player app and sends volume level feedback for Bluetooth audio devices.

Bluetooth playback notifications have been added when a Bluetooth device is connected to Pure and made a lot of fixes when it comes to Bluetooth-related issues and some UX-related annoyances and random crashes.

We have introduced changes that improve the user experience such as distinguishing between rejected and ended calls when presenting finished call status to the user, adding more icons that communicate various Bluetooth statuses, and more. We have also enabled power-saving modes for filesystem operations and USB peripherals.

You’re still welcome to join MuditaOS Developer Preview and contribute to the development of Pure’s operating system.

Below please find some videos of Mudita Pure prototypes in real life.

Mudita Pure Prototype Notification Modes:

Mudita Pure Prototype Bluetooth pairing:

Many of you are curious about Mudita Center - the desktop app which will enhance your Mudita Pure experience. We have some interesting news for those of you who want to get their hands on the app, get an early preview and help us by doing some user testing of Mudita Center. If you’re interested in spending around 45 minutes helping our UX team improve the user experience of the app and receive a small gift from Mudita as a token of our appreciation, please let us know by sending us an email:  hello@mudita.com.

Additional testing and evaluation

Throughout the last month we also performed various additional tests and evaluations connected with the development of Mudita Pure

These include, light leakage assessment, various varnish reviews, as well as the measurement of the  light intensity and color temperature. 

Mudita Pure Prototype- Keyboard lighting

We also conducted  an assessment of the selected version of the keyboard (Version 2) and compared the previous iteration with the current one. 

Mudita Pure Keyboard Versions

Mudita Pure Keyboard Versions

What’s next? 

In the coming weeks we plan on continuing the Mudita Pure radio and safety certification, as well as beginning the process of trial injections of the new molding form.  We will also be performing IP testing in several weeks. In addition to all those tests and certifications, we will also be undergoing  Prop 65 testing in California. Prop 65 refers to California Proposition 65 and it affects all consumer products sold or distributed in California, including electronic items. 

If you have any questions or comments about our progress, please do not hesitate to send us an email at hello@mudita.com or drop a comment below. 

We look forward to next month’s update!

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