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October Mudita Pure Production & Development update

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In the home stretch: We are getting ready for the launch! 

As we move closer and closer to the launch date of Mudita Pure, these updates will become more brief, since our to-do list is becoming shorter and shorter. Yes,  you’ve read that correctly! We’re almost at the finish line.  

As many of you know, since we've been very transparent about our many hurdles and challenges - it's not easy to build quality hardware and software which respects your freedom and privacy. This task becomes even more challenging when that hardware and software is intended for a mobile phone.  We are not only encouraged by the progress we are making against the previously communicated timeline, but we are also motivated by the support of our loyal Backers and the Mudita Community. 

As you guys know, creating Mudita Pure was a labor of love, but it also meant managing a ton of moving parts simultaneously. Along this journey, we have updated you and routinely filled you in on all the exciting, and at times very challenging developments which took us to this moment. 

Over the past several months, we have successfully completed various phases and met all the scheduled deadlines of development. Over the last several weeks we focused on finalizing all the details and making the necessary preparations for a successful launch. 

Our Team is finalizing all the details

The pre-NPI & final NPI

Last month, while preparing for the final NPI (New Product Introduction), which is scheduled for next week, we went through an internal pre-NPI process in order to make sure Mudita Pure is ready for the final quality control checks before mass production.  

During the internal pre-NPI, 15 units were assembled from the latest available parts. We believe it would be fair to say that the pre-NPI was completed successfully. There is a minor issue with the frontlight, which will be addressed at the final NPI. After the final NPI is completed,  Mudita Pure will finally be ready for mass production. YES, that’s right: We are getting ready to begin mass production.

Of the 15 units assembled, three have been submitted for RoHS/REACH/CP65 certification, the remaining devices are being used for testing.

Mudita Pure phones assembled during our internal pre-NPI

Mudita Pure phones assembled during our internal pre-NPI

Body molding and production timeline

As you know, one of the most challenging aspects of creating Mudita Pure, in the last year, which affected our original production timeline, was the body molding form. We are happy to announce that the form has been redesigned by our manufacturing partner according to our feedback and finalized to fit our requirements. 

Below you can see a short clip of the body mold injection process:

Mudita Pure Body Molding Form 3D Scan showing the degree of implemented changes

Mudita Pure Side View

Pebble Grey or Charcoal Black

Final Certifications

As we informed you in our last update that we have obtained the FCC certification and CE marking. We are currently in the process of obtaining the Australian RCM and California Proposition 65 certification and we expect those certifications to be finalized in the next few weeks. 

Mudita OS

Since the November release is almost upon us, the whole MuditaOS team is focused on stabilizing and polishing Mudita Pure’s operating system. Our Quality Assurance team was (and still is) super busy clicking, tapping and phoning away in search of bugs and things that we can still improve inside Mudita Pure - a big thanks to all of them for doing their best!

Our MuditaOS GitHub community is now able to send pull requests from individual forks (it was MuditaOS repo branches-only before that) and have an insight into whether they successfully pass all the tests in our CI workflow.

Shipment Schedule

As we previously communicated, we plan on starting to ship Mudita Pure in November. Taking into consideration manpower, production and logistics, it’s unfeasible for us to send out all the pre-orders in one day. Therefore, we will organize the shipments by batches. You will receive a message informing about your batch and the estimated shipping date. Our priority is to first fulfill the orders of our initial backers. All other pre-orders will be shipped out according to the batch shipment schedule which we will be publishing prior to the launch. 

The coming weeks will definitely keep us busy, as we move closer and closer to the launch date.  We plan on sharing more frequent updates with you guys to keep you up to date with everything that’s happening. 

Yes, hardware is hard, and making mobile phone hardware which respects your freedom & privacy is even harder. However, we can confidently say that we’re almost at the finish line and we couldn’t have done it without all your support and massive amounts of encouragement. 

Mudita Pure packaging is ready!

Mudita Pure display in different languages

Mudita Pure display in different languages

See you in a couple of weeks

Take some time to meditate :) 

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