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Simple tips to transition to a back-to-school sleep schedule

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Ease into the back to the back-to-school routine

Going back to school can be a demanding time for both parents and children.  There’s a lot to think about before they go back to school, from buying school supplies and uniforms to packing their backpack.  

The start of the new school year can also be a challenging time when it comes to the back-to-school sleep schedule.

Summer carefreeness changes practically overnight into a rigid timetable. 

Changes associated with the new schedule and rhythm of daily life involve the whole family.

That’s why we have prepared some tips on how to smoothly transition to a school-appropriate sleep schedule. 

Make small adjustments early & help your child adjust to an earlier bedtime gradually. 

According to experts, adjusting your child’s  sleep schedule should be incremental. A few weeks before the official start of school, it’s best to have your child wake up 15 minutes earlier and go to sleep 15 minutes earlier than they’ve been used to during the holidays. [1]

Continue the process of adjusting their sleep schedule in 15-minute increments every couple of days until your child is sleeping and waking at the appropriate time. 

Turn off electronic devices and provide relaxing activities before bedtime. 

It's no secret that electronics can negatively affect sleep. Numerous studies have shown that blue light emitted from screens, such as smartphones and tablets, in addition to TVs and computers can suppress melatonin, which is responsible for the feeling of sleepiness. As a result, prolonged exposure to blue light can make it difficult for children to fall asleep. 

Encourage quiet, non-stimulating activities, which help your child relax and unwind before bedtime.  You can play relaxing music, or read a book together. 

When it comes to sleep hygiene and improvement in sleep quality, consistency is key. 

Mudita Harmony can help to create a relaxing atmosphere, indicative of restful sleep, with soothing music, nature and ambient sounds. We also added white noise sounds to help parents put their kids to sleep or simply for anyone that likes to fall asleep to humming sounds. 

Mudita Harmony also shares the Mudita Pure's operating system - MuditaOS. This means that we release software updates which implement new features based on the feedback we will collect from our Mudita Community. Soon,  you’ll also be able to upload your own audio content.

Routine is everything & consistency is key 

We all know that as with any good habit, consistency is also key when it comes to sleep. It’s important that your child goes to bed and wakes up at the same time everyday, even on the weekends. The consistency in sleep schedule maintains the timing of the body's internal clock and can help your child fall asleep and wake up more easily. 

Additionally, having a routine in place, centered around bedtime, can help your child transition into a more consistent sleep schedule. 

As humans, we are definitely creatures of habit. Routines help our brains recognize when it’s time for specific activities. Staying consistent with your child’s bedtime routine helps regulate their internal clock, otherwise known as the  circadian rhythm, helping them drift off to dreamland with ease. 

If you’d like to read more about topics connected to the subject of better sleep, please take a look at our Sleep Better page for more information and helpful resources. 

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