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Wellness-Inspired Gift Ideas from Mudita

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Gift giving season is here! Get something different, unique and completely worthwhile for your friends and family this holiday season. 

Wellness and well-being are always in style. Here at Mudita, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite wellness-inspired gifts, perfect for the holidays (and all year round!)

Mudita Bell & Mudita Harmony make wonderful holiday gifts!

Mudita Harmony

Sleep is the cornerstone of health and well-being. However, sometimes, it may be difficult to get the restful sleep we need. Although there may be many reasons for this, including stress, anxiety, and other sleep disorders, the most common reason is an irregular sleep schedule or poor sleeping habits. Mudita Harmony was created with the aim to help us establish healthy sleep habits and improve sleep hygiene.  It gently wakes you up, with nature sounds and music, which have been carefully selected to bring you a sense of calm and improve your quality of sleep. Mudita Harmony is perfect for those who struggle with maintaining a proper sleep schedule, in addition to those on your list who want to improve their sleep habits. 

Mudita Bell

Mudita Bell is our contemporary twist on a classic alarm clock, which embodies simplicity and tranquility. It has a pleasant analog feel, beautiful design, and high-quality alarm sounds for a gentle wake-up.

This minimalist device will allow the user to completely unplug and embrace each day. Mudita Bell was designed to provide a pleasant and relaxing wake up experience. Unlike other alarm clocks, Mudita Bell doesn’t have a bright display or loud beeping sounds. Instead, it features an analog clock face that slowly lights up as the alarm goes off. The idea behind this is to slowly awaken the user and allow them to start their day with more positive feelings than usual by providing a calming and peaceful environment. 

Mudita Moment watch collection

Mudita Moment 

Mudita Moment is a modern automatic watch with a battery-free mechanism. The watch also features an analog breathing feature, as a unique tool and reminder, to help you practice breathing exercises to restore tranquility. The unisex, minimalist design will be an ideal gift for anyone on your list. PLUS it fits perfectly with a less-waste,  environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Mudita Pause

Mudita Pause is a mindfulness card deck, designed to create a moment of pause and deep focus in a world full of distraction and overstimulation. It's a creative alternative for those moments when venturing outside is not an option, but when we still crave a moment of reflection, which comes from exposure to nature.

The cards can be used as part of a mindfulness training routine or as part of meditation practice. The cards are meant to be shared with others so that you can use them together and share your experiences with each other.

Togetherness Collection 

Our Togetherness collection is a tribute to simplicity. It celebrates the power of clean lines, minimalism, quality and transparency. Speaks through tranquility, uncomplicated words, honesty. It’s a collection of cozy, high-quality t-shirts and sweatshirts made of GOTS certified, 100% pure organic cotton. It embodies our most important values: timelessness, honesty and sustainability.  Perfect for the person on your list who 

Clothing is something that everyone needs and uses, making it an extremely accessible avenue for the average person to affect change.

Our products are supposed to be both neutral and simple, not attention grabbing, not needlessly interfering with life

Mudita Pure 

This holiday season, give the gift of a mindful life. Mudita Pure is your modern minimalist phone. It's a phone which goes back to basics, with no internet, no apps, and no distractions. Help your loved ones disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with family and family. 


Stolp is a radiation-free Faraday cage. Once you choose to fully close it, you are fully unplugged. No signal will come in, nor out. It acts as a Faraday cage, where an electromagnetic layer ensures that once the phones are placed inside, no signal can enter.  The holidays were meant to be a phone-free experience!

Stolp Recharge

Stop Recharge 

Imagine a tool which works with your phone to increase your focus. It hides your phone, so you don't reach for it when you don't need to. It also charges your phone wirelessly, so there's no need to plug it in. As a result, it helps you unplug daily, by keeping you focused on what's around you instead of reaching for your phone and mindlessly scrolling. Stolp 'Recharge' is that tool: a charging case which turns off notifications and radiation, while also hiding your phone from view. Stolp 'Recharge' is a perfect gift for those who wish to reclaim their time and attention from their phones and focus on what's around them.  Just imagine how much more productive you can be with a fully charged mind and phone!

There you go —a few of our favorite gifts for the special people on your list! We hope you enjoyed them!

Mudita's got you covered with the perfect gift ideas. Shop our unique wellness inspired gifts today! 

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