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Our Mudita Pure crowdfunding journey has come to an end. We’ve officially shipped out all the phones to all the Backers who confirmed their preferred color and designated a shipping address. 

If you’re one of a handful of Backers, who have not confirmed their address or submitted their desired phone color choice to us, we’d still like to hear from you. Since we’re finalizing the crowdfunding portion of our project, the quickest way to do this is by contacting our customer support department at SUPPORT@MUDITA.COM. Please do this as soon as possible,  so we can finalize your order.  

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who supported our project. 

What started out as an idea, became a reality because of the support of our Kickstarter and Indiegogo Backers. Our Backers were instrumental in getting this challenging project off the ground. They not only stood by us during our difficult times, but also encouraged us every step of the way.  At times, when the road to the final project appeared really difficult, it was our loyal Backers who inspired us to move forward with great determination.  THANK YOU! We really couldn’t have done it without you! 

Things are happening! 

Although the crowdfunding portion of the project is coming to an end, we want you to know that we are not finished with the improvements of Mudita Pure. 

We understand that there are additional features, which need to be implemented and existing ones, which need to be finalized. 

That’s why, as we mentioned in the previous update, our tech team is diligently working on improving the stability of MuditaOS, as well as fixing all the bugs which are being reported to us by the Mudita Pure users. 

We’ve recently released Mudita OS 1.3.0 If you haven't yet upgraded your Mudita Pure, you can do so, like always, download the newest release through Mudita Center. We are currently working on even more updates in the following releases. 

Some of the new features, which will be implemented in future updates are predictive texting, revamping the calendar & upgrading the music player. 

Additionally, we will continue to work on improving the battery life and stabilizing the operating system by fixing any bugs which might be reported by the Mudita Community.  

Exciting things ahead! 

Although this part of our journey is ending, in reality it’s just the beginning! Mudita is committed to bringing you more unique and innovative mindful technology products which put health and well-being first, like Mudita Bell and Mudita Harmony. Sign-up for our newsletter to be notified about our new product releases and special discounts.

Let’s stay in touch  

Have you heard about our forum? It’s a GREAT place where the expanding Mudita Community can directly connect with the Mudita Team to discuss all our products, get quick answers to their questions, as well as exchange ideas about new features, as well as read product reviews left by other members: 

Shape the future of electronic devices with us! 

The Mudita Forum is also the place where we will be announcing all of the upcoming MuditaOS software releases.

Additionally, the Mudita Forum is a fantastic place for thought-provoking discussions about topics such as mindful use of technology & digital minimalism, as well data privacy & online security

Again, we’d like to thank all of you for believing in us & making it possible for Mudita Pure to become a reality! You guys are AMAZING! 

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