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Since 2014 there have been more smartphones, tablets and laptops than people in the world. The functioning of all these mobile devices is supported by lots of accessories widely available on the market, but did you know that some of them can be used for radiation protection? If not, now’s your chance to learn something about it.

How can new technologies reduce the exposure to mobile device radiation?

We’ve been looking for the accessories in question and the stories behind them for quite some time. Here’s what We’ve discovered and decided to share with you.

1. Anti-radiation phone case

This is a phone case which reduces harmful electromagnetic waves. The most well-known and tested anti-radiation cases are made by Pong Research. The Pong case looks normal, but it’s not about the look. It’s the special micro thin antenna inside the case that redirects the radiation away from you while maintaining the phone’s signal. Pong case doesn’t stop radiation completely, but it reduces the radiation that goes to your head. If it really blocked all waves, your smartphone wouldn’t have coverage (like a mobile phone wrapped in tinfoil), so you wouldn’t be able to receive or make any phone calls.

This video shows how it works.

The research on Pong cases was performed by FCC-certified labs, Pong labs and Wired magazine. It has shown that apart from reducing radiation, Pong cases improve mobile phone reception and battery life.

In a nutshell, this kind of phone case makes your smartphone SAFER but not totally SAFE.

2. Air tube headset

Another thing which minimizes mobile phone radiation is the air tube headset. A lot of headsets have a built-in wire, which delivers sound but works also as an antenna that amplifies the radiation emission. An air tube headset has an air-filled wireless tube instead of a metal conductor and uses the acoustic exchange principle (like a doctor’s stethoscope). In effect, this kind of headset lowers SAR radiation without changing the sound quality.

This video presents the difference between a regular and an air tube headset.

3. Textiles

There are some textiles, like clothes or blankets, which have the ability to reflect or absorb the electromagnetic field (e.g. ARD Technology). This is possible due to the use of high-quality, certified fabrics, which are enriched with silver and copper that reflect radiation. This kind of stuff is dedicated especially to pregnant women, who want to protect their bellies.

You can read more here, here and here.

4. Retro handset

Last but not least, a retro handset accessory. This gadget, which looks like an old-school telephone, may seem funny and weird, but it’s actually a preventive health product!

You can check this out here.

Simple rule how to reduce exposure to radiation

You have to be careful: some gadgets are totally fake and not worth your money. The simplest rule to reduce the exposure to radiation is: the further the phone is away from the body (especially from the head), the better.

We use our mobile phones every day, like most of you. Today a phone is something more than just a phone: it’s also a camera, a hand-held computer, a media player, a means of communication with your work, family and friends. It’s impossible to change that, but the thing is you can change the way you use your phone.


“Is ‘electrosmog’ harming our health?

Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine, “ElectroSmog”

Read also: How to Protect Yourself From Radiation?

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