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Five Essential Habits to Boost Your Mental Health

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At Mudita, we believe a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. However, sometimes it's easy to forget just how important it is to form healthy habits that promote good mental health and overall well-being. 

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week, we’d like to share with you five essential habits that encourage good mental health. 

1. Exercise & Eat Healthy

We all know that we should eat a healthy, balanced diet and get plenty of exercise, however, sometimes when life gets too busy, we tend to put off exercising and eat on the go. To feel your best, it's crucial not to overlook this part of our life. To boost your mental health, it's important focus on maintaining a healthy diet with sufficient exercise.

2. Prioritize sleep & get a good night’s rest 

Just like eating, sleep is necessary for survival. Sleep gives your body a rest and allows it to prepare for the next day. It's like giving your body a mini-vacation. Sleep also gives your brain a chance to organize all the things that happened throughout the day. That’s why it’s vital to take steps to ensure we get the most out of our sleep every night. Sleep experts agree that one of the first steps to take, in order to sleep better, is to stop using your smartphone as an alarm clock. Not only do phones emit melatonin-suppressing blue light, the constant texts, email alerts and notifications make it nearly impossible to fully disconnect and unwind, so that your body gets the rest it needs. Mudita Bell and Mudita Harmony can help improve the quality of our sleep, as well as overall well-being, simply by turning our bedrooms into tranquil offline spaces. Take it from the experts and published research, a traditional alarm clock may be the secret to a better night’s sleep.

3. Meditate

Did you know that meditation is the simplest and most effective way to declutter your mind and achieve mental clarity? That's right! When your mind is calm and your body is relaxed, your levels of focus and attention increase. As you know, we are huge fans of meditation, that’s why our products,  Mudita Harmony and Mudita Pure, come with a simple meditation timer, so you can reset and recenter whenever you feel the need to.

4. Practice Mindfulness & Breathing Exercises 

The benefits of mindfulness training and mindful breathing are well known and scientifically proven. Mindful breathing has the power to reduce our automatic stress responses, while mindfulness training helps us feel more grounded and more present. Mudita Momentfeatures the mindful addition of 15 dots and the seconds hand which enable you to practice breathing exercises anytime and anywhere. It’s the simplest and best tool for personal wellness because it’s always with you and acts not only as a guiding mechanism, but also a reminder to pause, slow down, and take a deep breath.  At the same time, being present and finding moments of peace has never been more important. Mudita Pause combines the power of mindfulness training with the beauty and awe of nature. It’s a creative alternative for those moments when venturing outside is not an option, but when we still crave a moment of reflection, which comes from exposure to nature.

5. Maintain Meaningful Connections

Humans are social creatures, and maintaining strong and healthy relationships with our friends and family can positively impact our mental health in many ways.  In fact, social connection is such a basic feature of human experience that our mental health can suffer when we are deprived of meaningful human contact. Our relationships create support networks, which allow us to cope with major life changes, and help with anxiety and stress. However, with ever-present digital technology and most people constantly staring at screens, the human experience has become more transactional, with our relationships transient and superficial. A phone like Mudita Pure is the perfect  phone, minus all the unnecessary notifications and the attentional black hole. With Mudita Pure, you can focus on the things that matter most.

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