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The story of Mudita is really the story of people with a beautiful shared vision, people who believe in something, people who want to make things happen. 

It all started with Michał Kiciński, who knows exactly what the struggle and the glory of building a tech company from a scratch is like. He previously founded CD Projekt, which evolved from two friends selling games at a local fair into a global computer game developer, with an estimated worth of 5 billion dollars and hits such as ‘The Witcher’ saga.

“My main goal was to make The Witcher globally recognizable. It required enormous effort. We were complete newcomers in the field of game development, and we came from a far, Eastern European country without much of a game development tradition” says Michał.

He decided to gradually step back once The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 was released, after 18 years of building the gaming empire. “I was really exhausted. Until then CD Projekt was almost all my life. But I had other interesting ideas to explore, and at that moment, I decided that it is a high time to do it” he adds.

He had to pay a high price for his success. Years of extreme pace, stress and pressure resulted in health problems, constant exhaustion and depression. He was forced to slow down and started to search for the rescue in meditation. Vipassana practice helped Michał not only to recover but also start a new chapter of his professional life. He started investing in organizations that combine entrepreneurial spirit with values that have a positive impact on society and other people’s lives.

Michał got involved in creating retreat centers, hosting various workshops and retreats in Peru (Munay Sonqo) and Poland (Oddechowo and Dhamma Pallava), offering activities such as: yoga, meditation, natural agriculture, healthy cooking, dancing, arts and much more. He also founded Wegeguru, one of the best vegan restaurants in Warsaw, known for its wide range of vegan choices. He supported a medical startup called MEDizzy, which is dedicated to helping with the education of present and future medical professionals.

Sacha Munay view

However, his biggest dream was to give the world a new kind of technology, that would put people’s health and wellbeing first. When we look around ourselves, for example on a street or a bus, we can see that most people are hooked to their smartphones, often not realizing how much it influences them.

“Obviously, technology gives us a lot of amazing things but it often takes away too much of our actual joy. This is a challenge for a new kind of tech company. To encourage people to do more things that simply bring them joy and happiness, without relying on technology” says Michał.

Another issue that Michał wanted to focus on was the influence of artificial sources of electromagnetic fields on people’s health. One of the side effects he felt was increased sensitivity. “I noticed a kind of discomfort, or sometimes even a pain in my hand, the one in which I was holding a mobile phone. The same with the headaches. I started to observe these occurrences and I realized it was definitely related to my mobile phone usage. I read that mobile radiation is measured with a value called SAR and tried to find a phone that would have the lowest level. It turned out that mobile phone producers aren’t really paying a lot of attention to this, it’s just enough to fit in some legal limits. This is when I thought it would be great to try to construct a mobile phone with the lowest possible radiation level.”

He started looking for academic and private experts to come up with a solution that would minimize the radiation. He was told several times that it would be impossible, until he saw someone on early morning television talking about a tool he had invented, that shields radiation from mobile phones. It was Przemek Kitowski, a scientist working at Gdańsk University of Technology. Michał looked up his contact details and they met that same day. They started a research programme to see if they could actually construct a mobile phone with the lowest level of SAR in the world and keep all the parameters such as connectivity and signal. After one and a half years, they had a working prototype and an ambitious plan to create a consumer version that would be launched worldwide. It also allowed them to patent the technology they created in both Europe and the USA.

Both Przemek and Michał were happy with the parameters, such as low energy consumption, connectivity and proprietary operating system. They still wanted though to create a design, that would make it a commercial product. Michał was once again lucky enough to meet the right people on his way. He joined forces with two young entrepreneurs Lukasz Anwajler and Tomek Nosal running a successful venture building company, App’n’roll. From this point on, everything gained momentum. The company started to grow quickly. They were gathering a dream-team of engineers, developers, product and marketing experts to help the ambitious vision become a reality.

Our Founder working on the shape of Mudita Pure

Mudita found its home in a charming house with a garden, in the Warsaw district of old Mokotow. This is where the electronic engineers are striving to achieve the highest specs, the embedded engineers are crafting the excellent proprietary operating system, while the designers make it aesthetically pleasing and functional. We’re cooperating with technological partners from around the world and building partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals who can help us spread the message.

That’s how Mudita was created. This is just the beginning of the story that we continue to write. We’re waiting to welcome our product into the world and we’ve already given it a name: Mudita Pure. We’re starting the countdown to our crowdfunding campaign and the release in 2019. We’re also working on our other products.

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