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First glimpse of Mudita Kompakt

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Enjoy life. Connect on your terms

We are thrilled to unveil the first glimpse of Mudita Kompakt: a phone that restores the essence of connectivity created for those who appreciate simplicity and presence in a world overrun by digital noise. A device where less is truly more.

With its E-Ink touchscreen, Kompakt offers an eye-friendly interface that allows you to engage with technology on your own terms, a nod to simplicity and minimalism. 

Prepare to be intrigued. A dedicated website is coming soon to become your window into the world of Kompakt, showcasing how this device can transform your interactions with technology.

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Discover the latest on the Mudita Kompakt project by heading to This way, you will be the first to catch exclusive sneak peeks and stay ahead with all the updates!

Stay tuned.

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