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Together with the launch of our new website, we shared with media outlets some new information on our development and our plans for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

Mudita takes a new approach to technology with its digital detox mobile devices and home electronics.

Following the huge success of CD Projekt, Michal saw the benefits that technology can bring to our lives and how immersive it can be. However, with an increasingly connected world where everyone is always ‘online’, technology is having a serious impact on our health and wellbeing. As tech-giants and brands aim to fill our lives with more technology, encouraging people to share every aspect of themselves through their devices and platforms, Michał wants to do the opposite. Along with Lukasz Anwajler and Tomasz Nosal, founders of App’n’roll- the successful venture builder specializing in design & software development, they brought a new tech company to life, dedicated to mobile devices and home electronics. 

Mudita aims to take away the pressures of social media and our always-on attitude, through education and by stripping back the unnecessary tech elements of everyday products to focus on living our lives offline. Mudita promises to deliver a customer centric philosophy and transparency, as well as to respect our need for privacy and freedom, which is often compromised by technology giants. 

In preparation for the crowdfunding campaign starting this September on Kickstarter, Mudita today launches its new website with more details on its first two products:

  1. Mudita Pure, a distraction-free mobile phone with E Ink display, a custom-developed antenna based on a Mudita patent with an ultralow SAR value, no ability to browse the internet, and a custom-developed, open-source operating system.

  2. Mudita Harmony, an alarm clock with a zen design, air quality sensor, and meditation timer.

The website includes an extensive Community section, with articles on digital parenting, mindfulness, sleep, focused work and more. The Resources section, with the curated materials on technology and its influence on us.

As well as a newly opened Mudita’s Forum. On the discussion board, it is possible to talk to the Mudita team and other users to discuss new products and any ideas, as the company promises to work on new devices with a close cooperation with its customers.

Michal Kicinski, co-founder of Mudita explains: “At Mudita, we’re hoping to bring a breath of fresh air to the crowded but rather unoriginal market of electronic devices. I am a big fan of technology, I’ve spent my whole career working in the industry, but I see a real need to help people enjoy life offline.”  

Michal continues: “Every day we are overloaded with information – it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find inner peace. Not to mention that we are constantly exposed to excessive amounts of EMF radiation, which in itself may not be very dangerous, but many doctors and scientists agree that it is not completely neutral to human bodies. This combined with factors such as stress, eating unhealthy food, living in polluted cities and having an unbalanced lifestyle, puts a burden on our health, and can cause problems.

For those who don’t want to miss the pre-orders with discount, the company has opened sign-ups via the newsletter.

The story behind Mudita can also be found on their site where the company’s Manifesto is to be found.

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