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We’re here with the latest and a very important update.

The last weeks and progress we’ve made in the development of the phone allow us to give you the information we’ve been all waiting for: the shipping dates of Mudita Pure.

Our goal was to share it with you as soon as possible - please note that there are still a few crucial steps to make before the mass production starts. As always, we want to keep an open communication with you and let you know about the potential risks and the issues we might encounter before the finish line.

We constantly update our production calendar with new information and verify the current state. Together with our Engineering Team we’ve decided that we have enough knowledge to announce that the shipping of Mudita Pure will start at the beginning of December.

We will organize it by batches. You will receive a message informing about your batch and the estimated shipping date. At the end of October, we will send out the survey where you will make the final choice of the colour of your Pure and provide the shipping address.

From now on, we will be posting an update on our progress every two weeks in order to keep you informed and provide you with a precise shipping date. There is a lot of amazing energy, excitement and lots of efforts in our office towards delivering Pure to you as soon as possible. We will do our best to share this vibe with you in our updates!

Mudita Pure: production update

Add Mudita Pure Cover for free

While our engineering, development and design teams are working towards meeting this deadline and start the mass production in a few weeks, the marketing and sales department make sure that the launch is going to be a unique experience for everyone involved in the project - including our Backers!

We will reveal more details closer to the big day. Now we’d like to give you a good overview of what’s happening in the project and what the further steps are. We were all hoping that shipping of Mudita Pure would be possible already in October, but there are still a few elements in the process that need to be improved and optimized.

We would like to apologize for this delay and hope that those additional weeks that you need to wait for your Pure will be compensated by your satisfaction with the final product. As mentioned in the previous update, we’re working on additional products and accessories that will be available for Mudita Pure in our store - one of them is Mudita Pure Cover, a unique case dedicated to our phone.

We’d like to offer all of our Backers the possibility to add the Cover to your order for free. There will be a few styles available that we’re working on right now with a local manufacturer. You will be able to choose your favorite one in the survey about Mudita Pure colour and shipping address (at the end of October). Here’s a small sneak peek of the prototype:

Mudita Pure Cover - prototype

The development status

Right now we’re testing all the molding forms, doing the trials and optimizing the forms in areas where the surface of the injected elements doesn’t look perfect yet. Apart from that, we’re finishing the testers and continuing the certification process. Below, we also present you the progress status for each element of the production process.

  • The most complicated one is the form of the body that connects the lid with the front of the phone. We insisted on using here a complex technique that produces one element created of two different materials. It requires the most attention and we will use the additional time to master the process of injecting two materials into one form.

  • The molding form for the front part is also a challenging one - we designed a smooth, intangible transition between the casing and the screen protection layer. The form was made with an advanced technology in Japan - we’re waiting for the final touches to obtain the perfect finish. This week we’re expecting to receive the most recent elements and give our final acceptance.

Injection molding forms status

  • Our engineers finished all the corrections on the PCB. Last week we ordered the boards needed to produce the first batches of Mudita Pure and are waiting for them to arrive.

PCB modules status

  • Screen and keyboard lighting looks much better after we put additional work into improving the final effect. The current iteration is already satisfying and we’re still waiting for the next one to make it even better.

Previous and current iteration: the light is not anymore “leaking” through the casing

  • We continue to develop and improve the testers that will be placed on the last stage of our production line. We are aiming at finishing them by mid October when we will run the test of the full production process.

Main Board tester

  • At the end of October we will also construct around 200 prototypes built with all the final casing elements. It will allow us to run a number of important tests for parameters such as: waterproofing, resistance to damage or sound performance and field testing.

Assembly & production process status

Here you can see some of the elements produced during the latest molding forms trial round:


At the moment the most recent prototypes of Mudita Pure are going through the round of SAR tests in the Verkotan laboratory (a FINAS and ILAC accredited testing laboratory) in Finland, which is widely considered as one of the best laboratories in the world for these kinds of tests. The measurements will finish this week and then we will proceed with the test reports. It means that soon we will be able to share with you the final SAR value of Mudita Pure.

While our engineers were working on the various development tasks, like above mentioned PCB corrections and molding forms optimization, the tests needed to complete the certification process were on hold. Now, we are ready to resume the testing. In the coming weeks, Mudita Pure will be tested for over-the-air performance of the antenna. That tests will confirm that Mudita Pure will be able to properly connect to cellular networks all over the world.

Certification status


When it comes to MuditaOS - our very own mobile operating system based on FreeRTOS™ optimized for E Ink displays - the development work is in full swing.

For the last couple of months, our team has been working on implementing a threaded text messaging system and a calendar that you will be able to sync with your Google or Apple calendar using the Mudita Desktop app. We've also added support for displaying and typing emojis and special characters.

Good news for those of you who think about Pure as your data modem - we're almost there when it comes to adding the ability to access the Internet by connecting the phone to your computer through a USB cable.

The team is now highly focused on delivering a versatile music player (which already supports displaying meta-data, playing MP3, WAV, and FLAC formats), and the Desktop App support which will enable you to safely update your Pure to the latest version of the operating system.

Step by step, we’re also finishing the development of bigger and smaller features. Recently we’ve added the support for the two-colors torchlight and for the volume controls. The home screen now shows the notifications, such as new messages or unanswered calls. You can now also set ICE contacts, share vCards via SMS or save unsent messages as SMS drafts.

We’re working on a big update about MuditaOS - please save the date 21th of October for more exciting news!

Software development status

We’re in a very challenging and exciting moment at Mudita right now - and as you can see, there is a lot going on! We’re so happy to share everything with you and hope you enjoy being a part of it. If you have any questions or suggestions - don’t hesitate to reach out to us at You can also talk to us on our forum - there are a lot of interesting discussions going on, e.g. about MuditaOS, the features, and others related to our productshealth or lifestyle.

See you very soon in the next update! Mudita Team

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