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As we’re getting ready for the release of the phone, we’ve opened pre-orders of Mudita Pure on our website. Pebble Gray or Charcoal Black - which one do you love more?

This is the first step towards our own online store that we’re working on right now at full speed. We’re preparing more items and accessories and we hope you’re going to love them.

Pure: Pebble Grey or Charcoal Black?

We’re really happy and humbled by the enthusiastic response to Mudita Pure. In order to deliver the best experience, cutting-edge quality, and to build the brand of our dreams, we’ve been growing the Mudita team at quite an impressive pace. Since the beginning of 2020 we’ve already welcomed 25 new colleagues and we’re now a team of 66 people!

The majority of us are working on different areas of Mudita Pure development, but we’re also preparing some other exciting projects. Stay tuned for more details ;-)

Pre production works: trial assembly

Last week we performed the trial assembly process of Mudita Pure, after the previous round of improvements. We were planning to run it in the factory where Pure will be produced, however a few cases of COVID-19 were detected there, and the whole production had to be reorganized. 

Fortunately, thanks to the factory's fast response, the outbreak was quickly contained. Every member of the personnel has been tested and special security measures were rapidly introduced. In order to save time and proceed with the project, we have moved the trial assembly process to Mudita office instead.

Trial assembly

We went through all the steps that will be performed on the production line. We’re happy about the trial and introduced a number of improvements to the process.

Assembling Pure in our office

Working on the final lightning and graining

As you could read in the previous updates, we weren’t quite satisfied with the lightning of the keyboard and the screen. We’re changing the technology used to distribute the light so that it’s more unified on the screen and the keyboard. We’re expecting to implement this improvement during a new iteration in September.

We still need to add the final graining to the phone structure, which will slightly improve the feel of the phone. As you can see, Mudita Pure is almost in its final form!

Here are the latest photos of Mudita Pure in Pebble Gray color:

Pure in Pebble Grey

The back lid

Pure - keyboard

At the same time we continue the certification process.

Battery designed to be used exclusively in Pure passed the electrical safety and transport testing in July. Those tests give us international compliance with safety standards for batteries and allow us to safely ship the batteries anywhere in the world.

At the same time, Pure is being tested in a third party lab for different parameters such as SAR, radiated emissions and immunity for electrostatic discharges according to European and American standards. Those are parameters that need to be measured as a proof that the Pure was designed properly and works as intended.

As a next step, the phone itself will be tested for electrical safety, water and dust ingress, as well as over-the-air performance of the antenna.

Thank you for all the kind words and support! We really appreciate it and we need it even more in the busy pre-launch time!

See you very soon in the next update!

Team Mudita

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