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In the last update, we informed you about the unexpected circumstances which arose in connection with the molding form of the exterior body element which subsequently has caused the delay of the launch of Mudita Pure. As we said previously, we started working to solve this issue immediately.

We always look on the positive side of each challenge. While working to fix the exterior body element issue, we can use this time to thoroughly test each functionality and put additional effort into perfecting them and that’s exactly what we’re doing! Right now, we have 60 fully functional Mudita Pure devices in our hands. Our team members are testing the phone, in order to determine if any other items may need to be improved.

We understand the information about the delay might have been a bit difficult for some of you to accept, since, just like us, you are eagerly awaiting the launch of Mudita Pure. However, we also received numerous positive and supportive messages filled with encouragement and understanding.

We would like to thank everyone for reaching out to us. These messages mean a lot to us, especially right now. We would like to share some of them with you in this update. We loved reading them and we would like you to know that we appreciate all your support.  

Hey Lukasz

No worries mate, this stuff happens! Cheers for the update. Thanks Jeremy


heads up! Finger crossed.


Hi Lukasz

Thanks for your email.

I had a ‘feeling’ that there might be production delays so I wasn’t “married” to January as a ship period!!!

Sorry you have this additional modification to make - more effort for you and the company. Good luck with that. Thanks for creating a safer technology. I was at the EHS when Mudita exhibited.

best Cathy

Thanks for your honesty. I can only imagine how frustrating this is. And I also admire and appreciate your integrity for letting me know about this delay. It really helps me to plan. Wishing you all the best. And know that when the phone is out. I will promote it widely!

Warmly. Mary Anne

Sounds good, thanks for the update, keep up your great work! Can’t rush art!

I am a backer of this wonderful project and have just one thing to ask of you. Please take all the time needed to make this as perfect as possible, do not rush to finish and start shipping, make every aspect as best as you can! I am more than happy to wait longer for a better phone, you have come so far; remember this is the most crucial stage of development. Many thanks and warmest regards, Jarrah

This is one of 60 units produced and delivered last week to our Warsaw office. You can see the Home Screen in color inversion. Several people asked us if Mudita Pure will have color inversions mode. That's why we have added such functionality to our software to test if all the screens look good in that mode and decide if we leave this possibility for all of the screens. We will let you know about the final decision in the next update.

Mudita Pure - Charcoal Black

Here's a summary of the progress we’ve made in the last two weeks:

Resolving the cause of the delay

After last month’s update, we would like to provide you with some more information about the Mudita Pure external element/body issue.

As you know from the last update, we discovered a critical issue in the external molding form. We focused all our attention on solving the problem as quickly as possible.

After many design optimizations, we decided to make new mold cores for hard and soft components, make new outer sliders and modify inner sliders. Simply, modifying the existing mold cores might have resulted in a high probability of further errors. At this point, we have already begun its rough milling.

The pictures below show the changes that will be made to individual elements of the molding form and they are marked in red and yellow.

This part is called “Core Side Only Soft Component”

This part is called “Core Side Only Hard Component”

This part is called “Core Side Only 2”

This part is called “Core Side Only 2”

At the same time, we are in the process of making changes to smaller parts of the injection mold, such as the sliders. The work consists of welding and then re-milling the material. This is the most time-consuming modification; however, the final outcome will result in smoother movement and overall, more comfortable handling.

Mechanical engineering

We are excited to inform you that over the last two weeks during NPI (New Product Introduction) we tested the production line for the first time from the mechanical point of view. We assembled two phone units in the presence of our factory team members, in order to demonstrate the assembly process in real-time. We followed our manual guide and assembled another 60 units of Mudita Pure. In the complete trial simulation, the process ran smoothly.

We have not only tested the assembly process itself, but also checked the usability of assembly jigs and testers. (Side note: jigs are the auxiliary tools that make the assembly process more repetitive.) In our case they are used to place super small components on printed circuit boards and phone modules with the least operator effort. Testers are used for PCB and phone assembly verification.

We also compiled useful information from the fitters into internal documents. As a result, we identified some improvements which need to be made both in Pure's construction and the production jigs. 

Testing a new batch of Main Boards. We tested 200 Main Boards

Testing a new batch of Main Boards. We tested 200 Main Boards

97% of MBs received a PASS rating in tests

Electronic engineering

During the NPI which took place in the last two weeks also from the electronic point of view, the proper functionality of the testers was checked in terms of: End of Line, E Ink screen and the battery. Additionally, we checked two applications. One of them is MEOL (Mechanical End of Line) to find out whether the buttons and the slider work well. The second one is PPS (Pure Programming Station). This application is for final bootloader, OS, assets and configuration data uploaded to the phone.

Based on the tests mentioned above, we gathered some comments and ideas for alternative solutions, all of which is expected at this stage of the process. We are now planning the next tests. For example, the EOL still requires screen frontlight and keyboard backlight tests to be performed. 

These photos present the dimensions/geometry measurements of chosen batteries from the new batch

These photos present the dimensions/geometry measurements of chosen batteries from the new batch

Research and Development in terms of antenna

As you might remember, Mudita Pure is equipped with two antennas. One is used for low frequencies and the second one is used for high frequencies. We use this additional time to conduct extra OTA (Over The Air) tests. This extra verification will ensure the signal strength is sufficient for everything to function smoothly.


Over the last few weeks we have added several functionalities. For example, we added basic meditation functions and settings.

Also, it is now possible to synchronize time through the network.

We updated the MuditaOS with the driver for a physical slider used to change phone modes.

When it comes to audio, we added Bluetooth A2DP playback. A2DP stands for Advanced Audio Distribution Profile. This is the Bluetooth Stereo profile which defines how high-quality stereo audio can be streamed from one device to another over a Bluetooth connection.

As we regularly receive questions whether Bluetooth can be disabled, we’d like to clarify here that it can be switched off if you prefer not to use it.

Additionally we created “Add Device” window settings in the Bluetooth settings. Thanks to this, you will be able to add more than one device to your Bluetooth list. This function can be very useful as most of us use various devices on a daily basis. On your morning jog you listen to music through your headphones, while driving to the office you listen to music in your car, from its speakers, and in the evening you relax by listening to music from your favorite home speaker.

The MuditaOS goes Open Source!

As you probably noticed, on October 21st, we revealed that MuditaOS will be publicly available on the GitHub platform, under a GPL (GNU General Public License). In the initial phase, MuditaOS will be available as a Developer Preview, during which, Mudita will work with the growing community to fine-tune the documentation and deal with the first reported issues.

Today we would like to thank you for signing up for the MuditaOS Developer Preview!

The amount of people interested in accessing the code at this early stage has gone beyond our expectations (currently more than 500 individuals have signed up) and we’re doing our best to streamline the process of letting the first batch of people in.

MuditaOS Open Source

As we reach the end of this update, we would like to give you a closer look at our stock, where 1.6 million ready elements are waiting to be a part of Mudita Pure.

1.6 million ready elements are waiting

During the upcoming months, we will be sending updates once a month. However, once we get closer to the shipping date (early spring 2021), we will be sending them more frequently to keep you even more informed.

We are looking forward to your suggestions and questions. If any of them appear for you before the next update, we encourage you to share them on our Forum. There, Mudita Team Members will be happy to answer them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this update.

See you soon! Mudita Team

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