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MuditaOS goes from Developer Preview to FULLY Open Source

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More than a year ago, we announced the open sourcing of Mudita Pure’s operating system and started a Developer Preview phase of MuditaOS. We’ve planned this from the outset of creating the phone, however, this move was also necessary to make sure that, as a company, we are following the path and values we’ve set forth for ourselves (transparency, co-creation, community), as well with the software we write and release.

Imagine our astonishment and enthusiasm when we saw hundreds of people signing up for the MuditaOS Developer Preview. More than a hundred of them have actively participated in the development process, by either asking questions on GitHub, supporting us with Mudita Pure User Interface localizations (because of their help, we were able to start 12 localizations, some of which will soon be available in the phone settings) and contributing code changes, which made it to the actual operating system.

This response from the Open Source development community was an additional dose of rocket fuel that our development team (and the whole company in fact) needed to survive the delays and obstacles it had to face. The fact that a couple of hundred people (977 up to date) are interested in how we create software for a minimalistic E Ink phone, was the feedback we needed to push onwards with delivering Mudita Pure to the market.

When making our initial announcement of going Open Source with MuditaOS, we stated that we’re going to award the people who contribute the most with an actual Mudita Pure phone. We are keeping our promise. 

The five Mudita Pure phones will be awarded to the following Open Source contributors (drumroll please 🥁) : 

We are honored by the dedication of these extremely talented contributors and  immensely grateful for the time, commitment and enthusiasm involved in undertaking such a project for the benefit of the entire Mudita Community. 

We would also like to let everyone know that Mudita’s commitment to Open Source goes far beyond Mudita Pure. From now on every piece of software we deliver, which is not in a testing phase, will be either fully open-sourced or available in an open core model.

Alongside opening the MuditaOS repo, we also opened up the Mudita Center code so that all you Node and Electron developers out there have something to tweak and have fun with!

Mudita Center allows users to expand and update the features of Mudita Pure, while using your computer. You are able to use Mudita Center to update MuditaOS, write and send messages, back up your Pure, etc.

Following the phone’s launch, will be open-sourcing Mudita Launcher soon and a part of Mudita Space - Mudita Storage.

Feel free to fork these repositories and help us deliver the bug fixes and features you would like to see on your phone.

Next step: Delivering Mudita Pure to your doorstep 🚀

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