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My TOP 6 Wellness Non-Negotiables

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There are many aspects of our lives that we have no control over, however it's nice to be able to feel like we're in charge of a few simple things every day. 

Establishing a list of non-negotiable daily wellness habits is an easy way to take charge of your life. This way, you can feel more empowered and less stressed.

For me, it's important to have daily non-negotiables. These are parts of my day that I'm not willing to negotiate on, because they are important to my personal well-being.

Non-negotiables can also be boundaries, in addition to habits, routines, or activities that you commit to – no matter what. These are individualized based on your own personal values and beliefs.

When unexpected or difficult situations arise, these principles can help you get back to basics and focus on the things that are important in your life. They can help keep you on track toward success and happiness.

Wellness on my mind

The past two and a half years have definitely been challenging in many ways, for many of us. However, I've learned that the more wellness practices I incorporate in my life, the happier I am.

These habits are not only good for my health and happiness, but they also help me feel like I have some measure of control over my own destiny.

Making these simple habits part of my daily routine helps me sleep better and feel more energetic during the day. They also help me be more patient and less stressed.

Below are some of the simple habits I've established over the last 2 and a half years:

  1. Quality Sleep - Sleep is so vital to our health and overall well-being, and yet so many people don't get enough of it. My top priority is to get at least 8 hours of sleep each night- no exception. Getting the right amount of sleep each night makes a HUGE difference in how I feel. It has impacted not only my physical health, but also my mental health as well. I don’t get sick as often as I used to, in the fall and winter months. I’m also less grouchy because I feel well rested and energized after getting a good night's sleep. Yes, occasionally, I do slip up with a random late night out, here or there, but I always regret it the next day. That’s why I prioritize sleep in my wellness routine. To read more about the importance of sleep on our health and well-being, check out our Sleep Better page. 

  2. Daily meditation- We all have so much going on that we can easily get distracted during our day and become consumed by our thoughts, worries and concerns. At least once a day, I try to make time to meditate. I make it a point to take a moment and stop what I'm doing in order to be present in my surroundings because it clears my mind and helps me relax. Don't worry if you're not a "meditate kind of person," try starting by just sitting with your thoughts for a few minutes each day. You can even start with walking meditation, which may be much easier for you. You'll be surprised how much better you feel!

    Mudita Harmony is a great tool for meditation & relaxation

  3. Mindful Eating- Ever notice how your food intake can directly affect your mood? That's right!  Our eating habits tend to reflect our emotions and state of mind. If you're stressed out or tired, you're probably too overwhelmed to even think about preparing a healthy meal. Not to mention, paying attention to what you eat. Consequently, you're probably more likely to reach for junk food or fast food because there are other things occupying your mind. Mindful eating is an approach to food that focuses on the pleasure of eating and involves paying attention to the experience of eating. It has little to do with restricting what you eat or counting calories.

  4. Self-Care- Self-care is a concept that many people are just starting to understand and realize how important it is. However, taking care of yourself isn't selfish! And it's not something that shouldn't be a luxury. Putting your health and wellness before your responsibilities or to-do list is empowering and necessary for your well-being and success. For me, self-care is making sure I take regular breaks, as well as taking time to reset during the day with breathing exercises. Anytime, things become stressful or overwhelming, I make a point to pause, take a few deep breaths and center myself in the present moment. 

  5. Daily physical activity - The health benefits of exercise are well documented, so exercise is a must. I exercise at least 5 days a week for at least an hour at a time. Yoga is my favorite thing to do, but I also take my dog for at least three walks each day and we go for longer hikes  quite regularly. Additionally, exercise always helps me sleep better. 

  6. Offline bedtime routine- This part may not sound like a "must do," however, I think it's important to establish your own nightly routine as a way to transition from the day into sleep. I make sure to put away all digital screens approximately one hour before my bedtime.  I take my dog for his evening walk, take a warm shower, followed by my nighttime skincare routine. I also meditate, read a little, and drink a cup of tea before I finally lay my head on my pillow. Following my offline bedtime routine prepares my body for sleep and helps me drift off to dreamland much easier. 

The purpose of wellness non-negotiables in life is to help guide you towards a fulfilling, healthy, and happy life. If you're trying to develop your own list of wellness non-negotiables, try focusing on one or two in order to start your journey. Remember that you're the only one who can truly live your life the way you want to live it – it's important to decide what is non-negotiable in your life!

These principles have helped me through many challenges in the last two and a half years. When life seemed unpredictable and a bit overwhelming at times, these practices helped me stay focused on what is really important.

Try incorporating one or more of these habits into your daily routine and notice how much better you feel!

Do you have any wellness non-negotiables, which you would like to share with us. Let us know in the comments. 

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