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There are a number of specialists working with electromagnetic fields (EMF) who educate people about the possible adverse health effects of radiation.

They provide scientific research and share their knowledge with people during lectures in well-known universities all over the world. They are reliable subject matter experts and their work is widely discussed. Who are these people and why should you learn more about them?

If you are interested in electromagnetic fields, they are the best source of current knowledge.

EMF Expert Devra Davis

Devra Davis

From 1994 to 1999 Devra Davis served as President Bill Clinton’s appointee to The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board. She was already recognized as an international expert on environmental health factors. She is a co-founder and president of Environmental Health Trust (EHT), a non-profit organization focusing on drawing attention to man-made health threats, e.g. electromagnetic radiation, especially from wireless devices, such as phones and tablets and also the antennas and cell towers powering these devices. 

Devra Davis is often asked for her opinions by the media, e.g. CNN, BBC, FOX etc. and she has also appeared on national programs in different countries such as Canada, Finland, Korea and Germany. She is an epidemiologist, an awarded scientist (Lifetime Achievement Award from Green America, a nonprofit membership organization based in the United States) and an authority when it comes to responsible mobile phone usage and other environmental concerns. She often shares her updates such as ‘5G: The Unreported Global Threat’ to Twitter.

WHO Cellphone Radiation Dariusz L

Dariusz Leszczyński

Dariusz Leszczyński is a molecular biologist. He has cooperated with many different universities around the world. He currently works at the University of Helsinki in Finland and graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. He leads a group of researchers to use screening methods which identify any genes and proteins affected by mobile phones. Leszczyński was called upon as an expert in the Canadian parliament when there was a hearing on mobile phone radiation and health (2015).

His advice was also sought by the U.S. Senate (2009). He was invited as an expert to a working group on non-ionizing radiation (IARC), IARC stated in 2011 that EMF can be carcinogenic. Leszczyński has strong opinions on the manufacturers’ impact on scientific research, suggesting that some might be sponsored to show no results. He was studying the effects of RF electromagnetic fields emitted mainly from phones and cell towers. In one of his latest articles, he compared both kinds of research, showing both positive and negative results.

He asked an important question which may convince opponents: “What if both views are correct? What if mobile phone radiation does not itself cause cancer but long-term exposure increases the risk of developing cancer from other causes?”[1]. If you want to know more about the work of Dariusz Leszczyński, you can read his blog: Between a rock and a hard place and follow him on Twitter.

Peter Sullivan EMF Expert

Peter Sullivan

The story of Peter Sullivan and his interest in electromagnetic fields started in Silicon Valley, where he was a successful engineer. He didn’t consider EMF to be a scientific matter but he changed his mind when both of his sons were diagnosed as autistic. Although autism is genetic, environmental factors should be considered, Sullivan was concerned by the ways in which EMF may affect autism. While searching for treatments, he found information about the possible impact of electromagnetic fields on human health.

At first, he did not believe it but he began to observe himself. He was suffering from food allergies, fatigue, and insomnia. He claimed to feel symptoms of illness while holding a mobile phone in direct contact with his head. When he read that EMF could potentially harm his sons, he looked into it closely. According to Sullivan, providing EMF protection in his house helped his children. He is now a social entrepreneur working to help families by raising awareness on the EMF issue.

After years of looking through the subject of EMF, Sullivan has come to understand that there are many contributing factors; a combination of both biological and environmental. He now educates people about EMF and also has a YouTube channel. He is an executive producer for the documentary film Generation Zapped (2017), which is about overusing mobile phones and becoming exposed to mobile radiation. Sullivan also leads the company Clear Light Ventures, whose mission is to improve human health and remove environmental health threats.

Marc Arazi EMF Expert

Marc Arazi

Marc Arazi is not only a doctor but also an international spokesperson on #Phonegate. His mission is to educate people about the SAR levels of their mobile phones and he strongly supports the idea of producing a phone with a low SAR value. You can follow him on Twitter to stay up to date.

His aim is to make people aware of the reasonable use of mobile phones so he advises the use of headsets, do not keep smartphones in pockets and keep them away from the bedroom. He said: “That may sound absurd today. But this was exactly the case 50 years ago with the initial concerns about cigarettes. Smoking was popular, appreciated, and pleasant… but smoking proved to be especially deadly. I know that this subject is not easy to address, but it is a question of public health, no more, no less.”

Marc Arazi made the subject of safe mobile phone usage public in France and thanks to his work, people are more concerned by their everyday communication choices. If you want to read more about Marc Arazi, we recommend this interview which can be read here.

Dominique Belpomme is one of the best-known specialists in the field of electrohypersensitivity

Dominique Belpomme

Dominique Belpomme is one of the best-known specialists in the field of electrohypersensitivity. He has provided scientific research on the condition, and his studies have shown that EHS is connected to specific changes in the brains of people suffering from it. His opinion strongly supports considering EHS as a real illness. It is currently believed to be a kind of psychological condition with non-specific symptoms and it is usually self-diagnosed.

His patients come from different countries, where they were unable to find help. Using a specific treatment, he helps electrohypersensitive people. It is possible to arrange a meeting with Belpomme if you consider yourself to be electrohypersensitive.

You can do this through his organization, ARTAC. Their aim is to understand the environmental factors that may have an impact on developing cancer in humans. If you want to learn more, you can visit their website. They are currently researching electrohypersensitivity among children.

The list of EMF experts is much longer than the list provided. If you are concerned about EMF, knowing who the experts are is the first step.

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