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Do Schumann Resonances Impact Our Perception and Health?

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The earth produces a natural electromagnetic field in the specific frequencies range (0–100 Hz). There are scientific hypotheses that life on Earth has developed precisely thanks to this radiation. Brainwaves operate on very similar frequencies.

The implications are as follows: the earth does not generate waves with microwave frequencies, and Schumann resonances are thousands of times more powerful than what mankind is able to generate.[1]

What is the schumann resonance?

Surrounded by the atmosphere, the Earth can be treated as a medium that generates electromagnetic waves of different frequencies.[2] Waves come from various man-made devices as well as from natural sources, such as lightning, cosmic storms etc. All of these waves spread out in different directions. The geometrically and chemically differentiated surface of the Earth can be treated as a layer with varying electrical properties that show seasonal, daily or even hourly variations.

The atmosphere, especially the ionosphere, can be treated as a plasma-filled, non-homogeneous medium. Guided by these assumptions, the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann has mathematically shown that the surface of the Earth and the lower layers of the ionosphere create a chamber that resonates in the area of very low frequencies (ELF, Extremely Low Frequency).

His work was based on the assumption that the surface of the Earth and the inner surface of the ionosphere are ideal concentric spheres with infinitely conductive walls. The resonant frequencies and damping attenuators were calculated, with the lowest harmonic equal to around 10 Hz.

Schumann resonances[3] are the pulse of the heart of the Earth, connecting us like an invisible thread to the matrix of the planet. They have been measured since the 1950s. They are an electromagnetic wave generated by the planet’s nucleus that spread outward towards its surface and further towards the ionosphere.

Up to the beginning of the 1980s, this frequency did not exceed 7.83 Hz. This value is in sync with the frequencies on which our bodies work, particularly the brain and the heart. The electromagnetic field generated by our hearts is evolutionarily tuned to a frequency of 7.83 Hz. The fact is, however, that the Schumann resonances have been increasing steadily since the 1980s.[4]

Will the increasing frequency of Schumann resonances affect our bodies and minds?


This frequency is a planetary ‘clock’ to which all forms of life on the surface of our planet are tuned. We are all connected to the Earth’s nucleus by this invisible line of life. This particularly affects astronauts working in Earth’s orbit, who are especially affected by the weakening of it.[6]

The increase in this frequency isn’t indifferent to human hearts.[7] According to some hypotheses, it may be responsible for the rise in infarcts and other cardiac problems that have been occurring since the 1990s. It is also said that the increase in Schumann resonances can ‘tune’ our brains and make them more efficient and open.

Do we have any grounds for this? We’ve tried to analyze the impact of low frequency electromagnetic waves on the human brain:


Delta waves: 0.5 Hz to 3 Hz. These are very deep sleep waves, the large areas of the brain are excluded.

Theta waves: 4 Hz to 7 Hz. These are waves that occur during sleep, dreaming, hypnosis, meditation, emotional excitement, trances, etc. They have two sides, let’s imagine them as a light and a dark side, the ‘dark side’ waves are usually associated with mental illness.

Alpha waves: From 8 Hz to 13 Hz. These are waves that occur during relaxation and certain forms of meditation. They also occur after waking up and just before falling asleep. The ego is practically excluded at this stage. There is no persistent mental ‘clutter’ of unknown origin that is generated without our participation. There is only silence, peace and relaxation. However, one can consciously control what is not possible in the state of theta, where the extinction of consciousness is deeper, cause-effect relationships and logic are practically nonexistent.

Beta waves: 12 Hz to 28 Hz. These are the waves of typical daily activity. The beta state is called the ‘secretary’s mind’, it is an automated activity, topical, without any creativity or inventiveness.

Gamma waves: From 40 Hz to 100 Hz are waves of motion activity that are most often recorded during creative work and when we encounter a sudden daze if we are hit by inspiration; some believe that there are changes in how we perceive the world around us and our place in it. Attempts to increase the capacity of our brains (physicality) also aims to bring about revolutionary changes in the mental and spiritual spheres because, as we know, everything is connected.[9]

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