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Mudita Pure has been honored at the German Design Awards in the category "Excellent Product Design - Computer and Communication". The title is granted by the German Design Council. The award will be presented at the official award ceremony in February 2021.

The German Design Award is one of the most renowned design awards in the world and enjoys an excellent reputation that goes far beyond the circle of experts. Participation in the competition emphasizes the commitment of companies and designers to strive for excellence.

Mudita Pure with the German Design Award 2021

Awards are given only to projects that represent a pioneering contribution to the German and international design landscape. This is guaranteed by a highly appreciated international jury. The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends.

The German Design Council is one of the world's leading centers of competence in design. Created by the German parliament and sponsored by the German industry for more than 60 years, it has been supporting companies in all matters related to the development of brands and their design.

We are very happy that the design and style of our phone have been noticed and awarded by such valued specialists. The German Design Award is one of the most important international design awards, awarded for the best work in the field of product design and communication. We are glad that Mudita joined the group of winners. - says Małgorzata Szostak, Head of Design at Mudita. - During the design work on Mudita Pure, we focused primarily on the usability of the product. We were inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design. We wanted to create a phone that will serve its users as long as possible, and its appearance will be independent of trends. The German Design Award 2021 is a great honor and we are glad that our values presented in this phone have been appreciated by a group of experts, but the most important thing for us is the satisfaction of Mudita Pure users. 

You can read more about the design of the phone on the official website dedicated to the project.

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