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We’re proud to announce that Mudita Pure is among the winners of the A’Design Awards 2020! 

Mudita Pure phone has been granted the Iron A' Design Award in Digital and Electronic Devices Design Category by the International Design Academy. 

Mudita Pure, A'Design Award

A’ Design Award & Competition is one of the world’s leading international annual juried competitions for design. The A’ Design Accolades are organized in a wide range of creative fields to highlight the very best designers from all countries in all disciplines. Entries to the competition are peer-reviewed and anonymously judged by an influential jury panel of experienced academics, prominent press members and established professionals.

The primary aim of the A’ Design Award & Competition is to create a global awareness and understanding for good design practices and principles by highlighting the best designs in all countries and in all industrial fields. The ultimate aim of the A’ Design Awards is to push designers, companies and brands worldwide to create superior products and projects that benefit the society.

Thank you for honoring Mudita Pure - our minimalist phone will be released in Autumn 2020!

Mudita Pure, Charcoal Black

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