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The company stated that MuditaOS operating system will be publicly available on the GitHub platform, under a GPL (GNU General Public License) license. In the initial phase, MuditaOS will be available as a Developer Preview, during which, Mudita will work with the growing community to fine-tune the documentation and deal with the first reported issues.

Most minimalist phones on the market are only inspired by the aesthetic of clean and simple design but Mudita Pure is a modern take on a classic phone that's all about intentionally helping people to do less.

Spending time on your phone and boosting your wellbeing don’t often sit in the same sentence – unless it’s to listen to a wellness-focused app. But all that could be set to change, thanks to a forthcoming launch.

First and foremost, the Pure has a sleek design with an E Ink display and physical buttons, rather than a large LED or OLED display with minimal bezels. According to Mudita, this design is intended to minimize the overload of information found in a traditional smartphone, which it says can be distracting from the real world.

In a world where companies are trying their best to place a smartphone in your hand, a company from Poland wants to take the smart out of the phone to help you be more present in your life. Mudita’s Pure is a minimalistic phone that is made specifically for users who are looking for a phone that offers bare-bone functionality.

Breath is designed to deliver oxygen to a patient’s lungs when their life is in danger and a doctor, nurse or paramedic is not able to use a professional ventilator. Mudita is now looking for partners to help with the production of the device.

A less expensive alternative to professional ventilators has been developed by Polish researchers to help healthcare workers in the fight with the coronavirus epidemic.

Mudita – a Polish start-up creates a simple, portable, and inexpensive ventilator to help hospitals with respirator shortages. ALVO Medical supports the project in the engineering and prototyping stage.