Junior Electronics Engineer/ Electronics Technician

City:Warsaw, Poland

Type:Part time/Full time

About us

Mudita designs consumer electronics and digital solutions that help to bring balance and quality to people’s lives. Products which are as minimalistic as possible, which don’t scream for attention or overwhelm us with needless distractions.

At our office in Warsaw, we’ve gathered a dream-team of skilled professionals to design a series of mobile phones and other devices, that will be launched worldwide. We are experts in research and development, engineering, software development, product management and marketing, driven by a mission to create great products, that put physical and mental health first.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn, have fun and influence the company's growth.

Main responsibilities

  • PCB assembly - mainly small pitch SMD,

  • Electrical testing of the assembled boards,

  • Wiring harness preparation & installation,

  • Troubleshooting and fixing of the PCBAs,

  • Ordering components for prototypes,

  • Inventory management using PartsBox.io.

Core requirements

  • Proven ability to assemble PCBs - show us the photos,

  • Understanding of the assembly process (paste application, reflow profiles etc.),

  • Good organization and tidiness.

Nice to have

  • Experience with prototype assembly equipment: paste printer, manual SMD manipulator, reflow oven.

  • Experience with electronics design using Altium Designer (other EDAs are fine as well)

  • Knowledge of electronics & electronic equipment usage (power supply, voltage/current measurements, oscilloscope setup etc.),

  • Projects developed ‘for fun’/in your free time.


  • We are looking for part-time employee, ideally 20-30 hours per week,

  • Salary starting from 30 PLN net per hour