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  • Michal Malewicz
    I did a hard mode dopamine detox for over 30 hours Link to resource

    Dopamine detox is a way to reset some of our thinking by removing things that are easy and pleasurable from our day. That way we're forced to be in a state of discomfort for a longer period of time.

  • Ewen Wright
    Gideon Irving - Woke Up Looking (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Link to resource

    A comedic music video that beautifully sums up living in a digital world.

  • Smooth Feather
    Pioneers Of Science - Part 1 Link to resource

    Join these high school scientists to learn about WiFi and EMF radiation in a simple experiment.

  • Alex Ikonn
    The Mindset You Need To Succeed Link to resource

    Self-proclaimed life-learner, Alex is the founder of the Five Minute Journal. In this video, he explains how the right mindset allows you to succeed in life.

  • emma chamberlain
    24 HOURS WITHOUT A PHONE Link to resource

    Emma Chamberlaintries a 24-hour digital-detox. While vlogging, we see she is getting nervous and showing signs of needing to enrich herself. Emma decides to open a book and read.

  • bestdressed
    A WEEK WITHOUT A PHONE Link to resource

    Ashley packs her phone away for a week while sharing 5 rules she sets for herself. She spends her time filming her experience and...thinking!

  • Hannah Witton
    My Week Without A Phone Link to resource

    Hannah Witton, author of Doing It: Let's Talk About Sex..., spends her entire life online. One day as she leaves for vacation, turns her phone off and doesn't use it for over a week on a Greek island.

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  • Sky Life
    Living In A PHONE-FREE COMMUNITY For A Weekend! Link to resource

    Sky documents doing a weekend-long digital-detox at with 50 other phone-free people in Ojai, California. What was the weekend like for smartphone-addicted Millenials?

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