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Mudita Pure April production & development update

Here’s a summary of the progress we’ve made in the last month and our plans for the upcoming weeks.

Mudita backstage
Mudita Pure

Reconnect with Nature: Screen-Free Outdoor Activities

Spending time outdoors is GOOD for you: it can make you healthier and happier

Healthy Body and Mind

Have you heard of Grounding/Earthing? Benefits behind it.

Grounding or earthing is a therapeutic technique which focuses on restoring your electrical energy by reconnecting to the earth.

Healthy Body and Mind

Simple ways to balance your mind, body & soul

The link between mind, body and soul is scientific fact, and one thing is for certain: Life is all about balance and it cannot be taken for granted.

Healthy Body and Mind

The many health and well-being benefits of daily meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are the way to a life of peace and serenity

Meditation and mindfulness
Healthy Body and Mind

How to lead a more sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle

Being eco-friendly is a GREAT lifestyle decision. Here are several steps we can all take to reduce our carbon footprint.


The Algorithm Effect: How algorithms influence our decisions

Algorithms. They are everywhere. And they can even go rouge. Whether we are aware of it or not, algorithms have become a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives.

Digital minimalism
Privacy and security
Mudita Pure

Predictive texting: The need for speed

Becoming accustomed to predictive text software may have some, unconsidered, albeit, far-reaching consequences, especially in younger individuals. 

Focus and productivity
Mudita Pure

Does Screen Time Impact Your Happiness?

Perhaps we could be happier if we spent less time staring at our phones and more time interacting with people in real life?

Digital minimalism