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Does Electrosmog Contribute to the Development of Diseases?

Electrosmog is an artificial electromagnetic field emitted by all the everyday devices that we use.

Electromagnetic radiation

10 Tips on How to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation: Part 1

The sad reality is that these days living without technology seems almost impossible for us.

Electromagnetic radiation

Leisure time: holidays offline

We’ve prepared a list of 5 wild and peaceful places in Europe which are perfect for quiet and relaxing holidays.

Focus and productivity

10 Simple Ways to Develop Good Time Management Skills

Effective time management mostly relies on its optimal use in the consistent pursuit of your goal.

Focus and productivity

COSMOS: Cohort Study of Mobile Phone Use and Health

Cell phones and other wireless devices such as laptops or tablets emit electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Electromagnetic radiation

Hypersensitivity for Electromagnetic Radiation

Swedes affected by EHS are provided full health care and can count on the understanding of both employers and doctors.

Electromagnetic radiation

Living Close to GSM Towers Could Be Hazardous for Health

Cell towers can negatively affect human health. Is there cell tower radiation safe distance? Find out more about risks of cell tower radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation
Healthy Body and Mind

What Can You Do with Your Old Mobile Phone?

A few years ago, a survey was released which confirmed that there are officially more mobile devices than people in the world.

Digital minimalism

5 Studies on Mobile Phone Radiation You Should Know About

This is a subjective list of the five most important studies on mobile phone radiation. Each study raises awareness of the potentially harmful effects.

Electromagnetic radiation