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How to Cultivate Better Eating Habits

When unexpected changes disrupt our lives, it can be difficult to maintain our usual routines, learn how to cultivate better eating habits in times of crisis.

Meditation and mindfulness

Everything you need to know about 5G

5G, eventually slated to replace the present-day 3G and LTE/4G cellular telephone networks, promises to speed up the rate of data transfer by 100 times or more.

Electromagnetic radiation

Track Your Healthy Self-Care Habits. Get to Know Them!

There are a lot of self-care habit tracking techniques out there. We wanted to share a few ideas to inspire you.

Focus and productivity

The Science Behind Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation are valuable practices that can greatly improve your mental health in times of uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

Meditation and mindfulness

The Concept of Slowness and Mudita

As a humane technology company, by providing solutions making users' everyday lives more mindful and slow, we’ve got slowness in our DNA.

Mudita backstage

Update on Mudita Pure development and production calendar

We’ve decided to postpone the shipment of Mudita Pure and plan to start shipping in September/October 2020.

Mudita backstage

Get to Know! Set Off on a Journey of Self-Discovery

There are things out there that you might be good at even though you’ve never tried them before, get out there and start your journey to self-discovery. 

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Remote Work: A Sign of Trust

Remote work requires a significant amount of self control and diligence. It’s much easier to get distracted at home or in a café than it is in the office.

Focus and productivity

Self-Care Might Not Be Enough

Sometimes, self-care might not be enough. It can easily become a coping mechanism rather than addressing the root cause of your issues.

Focus and productivity