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Mudita Pure: Production update

We have 60 fully functional Mudita Pure devices in our hands!

Mudita Pure
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How technology has upended the human experience

Somehow, technology missed the memo that deep down, humans want to be treated as a priority instead of an option.

Healthy Body and Mind

Mudita Breath with A'Design Award

We are proud to announce that Mudita Breath, our affordable portable medical ventilator won the A'Design Award in the special "War on Virus" category.

Breath Initiative

MuditaOS goes Open Source - join the Developer Preview!

We’re happy to announce that we’re open-sourcing MuditaOS - our operating system for Mudita Pure.

Mudita Pure
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Mudita Pure: Important update about the production calendar

The latest tests revealed a problem, which we need to fix before starting the mass production. It means that we are forced to revise our production calendar.

Mudita Pure
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How to Protect Yourself From Radiation?

What is the impact of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms and propose several solutions that allow you to reduce radiation exposure.

Electromagnetic radiation

Mudita Pure with the German Design Award 2021

Mudita Pure is among the winners of the German Design Awards 2021 in the "Excellent Product Design - Computer and Communication" category.

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Mudita Pure: Production update & shipping dates

The progress we’ve made in the last weeks allows us to give you the information we’ve been all waiting for: the shipping dates of Mudita Pure.

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Pebble Gray or Charcoal Black?

As we’re getting ready for the release of the phone, we’ve opened pre-orders of Mudita Pure on our website.

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