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11 Essential Tips for Slowing Down and Enjoying Life More

Our lives are defined by speed. In a world that often feels busier & more hectic than ever, it can feel like we're moving so fast, it's impossible to slow down

Healthy Body and Mind

Reflections on Minimalism: Expectations vs. Reality

At its core, minimalism isn’t anything complicated. It's a very simple idea. It’s intentional simplicity.

Healthy Body and Mind

Is remote work here to stay?

As the global pandemic shuttered cities, emptied offices and accelerated existing trends in remote work, most of us moved our lives online.

Focus and productivity

Measuring Cell Phone Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

If you had a look at our information on SAR, you may be wondering what the process of measuring phone radiation technically looks like.

Electromagnetic radiation

Offline & on Vacation: Places for truly unplugged holidays

In the age of being online everywhere we go, offline vacations are the next big thing!

Digital minimalism
Healthy Body and Mind

Bad habits caused by technology which you need to break now.

When put to good use, technology can really maximize efficiency, however it is important to pay attention to our use of it in our daily lives.

Digital minimalism
Healthy Body and Mind

How to embrace the joy of missing out?

Rethink the Fear of Missing Our: JOMO is about disconnecting, opting out and being O.K. just where you are.

Digital minimalism
Healthy Body and Mind

Mudita Pure May 2021 development and production update

We know that you are eagerly awaiting the delivery of Mudita Pure, so we would like to share our most recent progress with you.

Mudita backstage
Mudita Pure

What is Walking Meditation? Ways to practice mindfulness.

Walking Meditation: Turn a simple walk into a tool for mindfulness and stress reduction.

Healthy Body and Mind
Meditation and mindfulness