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A Teenager’s Perspective on Technology

Mateusz is a 14 year old junior high student with an interest in technology and computer programming, he currently writes programs in Python and Java.

Digital minimalism

Interview with digital wellbeing advocate Alexa Eden

An interview with Alexa Eden, an Urban Wellness Consultant, futurist and digital wellbeing advocate designing strategies to optimize the future of humanity.

Interview: A-GAP's Bethany Baker

A-GAP aims to create space for those seeking quiet contemplation and spiritual rejuvenation.

Digital minimalism

A'Design Awards and update on the operating system

Developing our own operating system has been one of the biggest challenges in the whole process of creating the phone of our dreams.

Mudita backstage

Mudita Pure with the Iron A'Design Award 2020

Mudita Pure phone has been granted the Iron A' Design Award in Digital and Electronic Devices Design Category.

Mudita backstage

Yoga is for Everyone: Reset & Recenter

Yoga is for everyone, it doesn’t discriminate. Your age, gender, socio-economic status, your personality etc. won’t affect your ability to do yoga.

Meditation and mindfulness

Can technology help us deal with depression and anxiety?

Medito Foundation have built an app for people who want to learn how to be more mindful, or to deepen their meditation practice.

Meditation and mindfulness

Update: Mudita Pure Development Status

The majority of Mudita's operations are now being done remotely. The only team physically present in the office is the engineering team.

Mudita backstage

An Introduction to Meditation: Self-Awareness in Hard Times

Introduction to zen meditation with Zen Master Alexander Poraj-Żakiel that will help you regain balance and focus on the present moment.

Meditation and mindfulness