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Digital Detox Mini-Guide

Can you imagine a day without technology? Can you imagine having to deliberately turn off your mobile phone, computer or tablet in order to focus offline.

Digital minimalism

How to Shut Down After Work

Stress affects all of us. A Hindu proverb says that everyone is a house with four rooms, i.e. a physical, a mental, an emotional, and a spiritual room.

Focus and productivity

Why Should You Use a Paper Calendar?

A lot of us are notoriously bad at time management, so one way to manage it effectively is to note things down in a calendar. It’s something we can stick to.

Focus and productivity

Nomophobia - fear of being without phone

We live in a time where most of us can’t live without our mobile phones. We use them everywhere, at work, in a restaurant, during a walk, at the gym etc.

How to Sleep Better

Do you use your mobile phone before going to sleep? Is aimlessly scrolling through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook posts part of your late night routine?

The Top 5 Destinations for a Digital Detox

A digital detox can reduce anxiety and stress; it also helps deal with information overload and technology dependency. You may find yourself feeling tired.

How to Start a Digital Detox

The first thing most people do when they wake up is check their mobile phones for emails and notifications. Then, some might browse social media.

Highest and Lowest Radiation (SAR Value) Cell Phones of 2019

When looking for cell phones with the lowest radiation level, it can be quite difficult to navigate the market. Check out our overview!

Is There Anywhere Without Mobile Radiation?

No matter where you are, if you look around, it's likely that you'll see at least one electronic device. Most people use a laptop or mobile phone daily.

Electromagnetic radiation