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How Does L-Theanine Affect Overall Wellness?

We’ll talk about the positive effects L-theanine can have on your stress levels, cognitive performance, and cardiovascular and immune health.

Healthy Body and Mind

5 EMF Experts and Consultants.

There are a number of specialists working with electromagnetic fields (EMF) who educate people about the possible adverse health effects of radiation.

Time management skills to learn and practice!

Imagine the things you would do if you had more time. Think about all of the ways you could use your time if you could temporarily pause it.

Focus and productivity

Learn About Cellular Frequencies and What They Mean

There are many aspects of smartphone technology but for now, we’d like to introduce you to how smartphones use cellular frequencies.

Electromagnetic radiation

Why did Mudita decide to build a low SAR phone?

There is a large amount of concern about cell phone radiation and the specific absorption rate (SAR) value of cell phones.

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Have You Tried Meditation?

When you're dealing with issues and you confide in someone, it can be very hard for them to know how to help. Often, this question doesn't help.

Meditation and mindfulness
Healthy Body and Mind

Why Does Mudita Care About Mobile Radiation?

Devices around us produce electromagnetic fields. If we are exposed to EMF radiation in the long term, does it have any impact on human health?

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How To Check SAR Value Of Your Phone - 5 Top Ways

Each phone has a specific absorption rate expressed in SAR value. Find out how to check SAR value on your device & see how it compares to Mudita Pure.

Electromagnetic radiation
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What Does the WHO Say About Your Mobile Phone?

When discussing the subject of mobile radiation, it’s crucial that we base our knowledge on the authority of scientists and well-known associations.