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Efficiency Guide: How To Be Satisfied With The Outcome

Being efficient is more of a state of mind and way of living. See how improving your mindset and lifestyle can empower you to be the best.

Focus and productivity

Productivity Guide: How To Stay Focused and Do More

Learn how to raise your concentration levels, be faster avoiding burnouts and save more time within the day on things that are trully important to you.

Focus and productivity

How to stay productive?

Living in a digital we get affected by an overload of information and various distractions. It is essential to learn how concentrate on what really matters.

Focus and productivity

EMF: The Best Social Campaigns

In the campaigns listed, people are made to think about using mobile devices responsibly. Each is presented in an accessible, understandable way.

Electromagnetic radiation

Review: French Anti-Radiation Spartan Underwear

We would like to give you a quick review of an innovative high-tech product which we came across during CES (Consumer Electronics Summit) in Las Vegas.

Electromagnetic radiation

Is Wi-Fi Harmful to Living Beings?

Wireless internet has become a standard in almost every home. However, not everyone is asking themselves: can Wi-Fi be harmful to our health?

Electromagnetic radiation

10 Tips on How to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation: Part 2

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and makes a lot of things easier but it can also have a negative effect on us.

Electromagnetic radiation

How to Fight With Chronic Pain?

We’d like to share a few thoughts on how you can deal with pain and how to fight it.

Focus and productivity

Allan Frey: A Pioneer of Radiation Research

There are a few people who have influenced research on radiation, one of whom is Dr. Allan Frey, biophysicist, and engineering psychologist.

Electromagnetic radiation