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How to Create a Peaceful Office Environment

Many people find that office spaces are rather uncomfortable, boring or sterile environments. This leads to stress which can negatively affect us.

Focus and productivity

What are the benefits of meditation?

To experience all of the benefits of meditation one has to invest some time, learn a few simple techniques and practice it as regularly as you can.

Smartphone Use and its Impact on Your Child’s Health

While there are times smartphone access is appropriate, when your child overuses devices, it can have a significant impact on their wellbeing.


Why Didn’t They Reply Yet? Why Do We Ask These Questions?

Julie now lives in San Francisco, her passion for the psychological effects that are associated with technology stems from her battle with depression.

The History of Smoking: Become Better Smartphone Users

Rens van der Vorst works as a technophilosopher for Fontys University, he is the author of Appen is het Nieuwe Roken (Smartphones are the New Smoking).

Digital minimalism

How I Got My Attention Back

You know the drill, hardwired to email and Slack, always ready to solve whatever comes next, either from within the team or outside of the companies.

Focus and productivity

4 Skills to Teach Your Child in the Digital Age

It’s hard to predict how the education system and workforce will look in the next ten years. All this uncertainty may be worrisome to a parent.


The Lecture: Neuroscience of Digital Distractions

In June, the Mudita team attended an insightful talk by Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina, dedicated to understanding how the internet is changing our brain.

First Five Steps to Becoming a Digital Minimalist

The idea of digital minimalism is not to reduce how much time you spend online, but rather to focus on what really matters, and ignore all the rest.

Focus and productivity