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E Ink and The Eyestrain Debate

The matte screen of an E ink display, like in Mudita Pure, does not trigger visual strain in the same way as staring at an LCD screen does.

Mudita Pure
Healthy Body and Mind

Why Selfless Love Matters

Selfless love creates an instant connection, whether brief or eternal and even the smallest act of kindness can have far-reaching consequences.


Our Digital Lives: The Power of Privacy

Consumers are expecting privacy, and if companies fail to provide adequate safeguards, they will find someone who can.

Mudita backstage
Mudita Pure
Privacy and security

Impact of Unplugging on Shared Spaces

These days, distinguishing when we’re offline or online seems more difficult. Phones and social media offer an entryway into students' social world

Healthy Body and Mind

A Shared Vision For The Future

How does intentionally unplugging from cellphones shape the interpersonal relationships and the undergraduate college experience?

Healthy Body and Mind