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10 Quotes About Radiation From Scientists

For years, scientists from all over the world have been voicing their concerns with regards to mobile radiation, i.e. the kind emitted from smartphones.

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Does Radiation Poisoning Affect Plants?

It isn't only humans who are at risk with regards to the potential health effects of being exposed to mobile radiation (EMF). Plants are at risk too.

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How Does Mobile Radiation Affect Honey Bees?

There's a problem with dwindling bee populations worldwide. Did you know there is a connection between dying bees and excessive mobile phone use?

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10 Tips on How to Stop Being Lazy

Rather than walking down an allocated path, a lot of people will walk across the grass, until one day everyone who walks across the grass creates a new path.

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Gardening in the Big City

Due to a rise in technology, it can be easy not to notice that we as human beings, are collectively respsonible for destroying the world around us.

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Are Wireless Chargers and Headphones Safe?

Some gadgets are wireless so that the average user doesn’t need any additional cables if they’d like to listen to music or charge a smartphone.

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