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Is Wi-Fi Harmful to Living Beings?

Wireless internet has become a standard in almost every home. However, not everyone is asking themselves: can Wi-Fi be harmful to our health?

Electromagnetic radiation

10 Tips on How to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation: Part 2

Technology has become an integral part of our lives and makes a lot of things easier but it can also have a negative effect on us.

Electromagnetic radiation

How to Fight With Chronic Pain?

We’d like to share a few thoughts on how you can deal with pain and how to fight it.

Focus and productivity

Allan Frey: A Pioneer of Radiation Research

There are a few people who have influenced research on radiation, one of whom is Dr. Allan Frey, biophysicist, and engineering psychologist.

Electromagnetic radiation

People’s Awareness About Mobile Phone Radiation

Exposure to radiation might be dangerous but how concerned are people?

Electromagnetic radiation

What is BBB and Why Is It Important for Radiation Exposure?

The function of the BBB is to provide a defence against infections and toxins entering the brain via the bloodstream.

Electromagnetic radiation

The Two Sides of the Story Is Microwave Radiation Dangerous?

A microwave oven is a device present in almost every home. Is microwave radiation really harmful? Find out the answer to this question!

Electromagnetic radiation

Does Electrosmog Contribute to the Development of Diseases?

Electrosmog is an artificial electromagnetic field emitted by all the everyday devices that we use.

Electromagnetic radiation

10 Tips on How to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation: Part 1

The sad reality is that these days living without technology seems almost impossible for us.

Electromagnetic radiation