5 Ways You Can Lead a More Eco-Friendly Life

Long gone are the days when being eco-friendly is seen solely as an expensive or unobtainable lifestyle decision. With NGOs and scientists ringing alarm bells, becoming more sustainable in our day-to-day lives has now become a true necessity.

The Benefits of Teaching your Child to Monotask

Teaching your Child to Monotask Do you ever feel as though your child becomes distracted easily, that they are absent-minded, or that they struggle to finish things they start? You’re not alone. It’s almost as though children and young adults lack the ability to focus. Aside from binge-watching shows on Netflix, they might be constantly …

How It All Started

The story of Mudita is really the story of people with a beautiful shared vision, people who believe in something, people who want to make things happen. It all started with Michał Kicinski, who knows exactly what the struggle and the glory of building a tech company from a scratch is like.

Technology Non-Use, a Perspective Worth Considering.

In this article, the concept of voluntary technology non-users is introduced as a framework to further understand the perspectives of temporary non-users like The Unplugged and validates what we can learn from the absence of objects such as our phones, a perspective worth considering.

The Unplugged

This is the first article in the blog series of our guest writer, Jadelin Pikake Felipe. She writes about her research on college students intentionally unplugging from cell phones. In this post she will introduce readers to a minority group she calls The Unplugged.